Solanum integrifolium

Solanum integrifolium       Photo shows the fruit  --  about the size of lemons.  The plant is otherwise identical in  growth and appearance of eggplant (Solanum melongena).

Solanum quitoense

Solanum quitoense - this is a prickly form of naranjilla, and probably misidentified.

Solanum quitoense

This is an interesting foliage plant with its red-veined leaves and murderous looking spines on both leaves and stems.  The spines are quite soft however, and cause no problem as they cannot leave the plant.  I suppose that lizards and snakes will stay well clear of it though.  The pink buds open into insignificant white flowers which are followed by golf-ball size seed pods with a fuzzy coating. It requires a long growing season if the fruit is to mature in zone 5a --  start the seeds early.

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