Proboscidea louisianica

Bird of Paradise  -  craft use of seed pods

seed pod from Proboscidea

Cut off stem, and shape the beak with a file. Spray paint the whole seed pod with a metallic blue color. Mix green and blue glitter together to make an aqua spread. Glue that onto the body of the bird in the shape of folded wings as shown above. Apply left-over material as a stripe down one edge of each of the tails. Glue on beads for the eyes.

Attach the birds to wreaths, or construct small circular nests holding two birds and a small egg.

This is the seed pod from Proboscidea louisianica, aka ram's horn.  Two seed pods may be combined to make a roadrunner.  Others have made chickens and turkeys, but use your imagination. Following is a photo of four "birds", each posed at a different angle.

Proboscidea louisianica

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